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Founded in 2011, we are the British affiliate of the WNBF (World Natural Bodybuilding Federation) and we have a seven years drug free requirement.

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2017 Northern Counties Championships

Photos courtesy of Sam Solarfly, Matt Marsh Photography

The second annual Northern Counties took place at Heywood Civic Centre, Lancashire on Sunday 3rd September. Although slightly down on athlete numbers from last year, the quality was just as high and the audience was packed and noisy giving an incredible atmosphere for the contenders to do battle in.

Results were as follows:

Teenage Men

1 Jack Stanyer (Newcastle Under Lyme)

Junior Men

1 AJ Morris (Brighton)
2 Kane Alder (Leigh)
3 Aiden Clowes (Southampton)
4 Elliott Broomhall (Stoke on Trent)

Masters Men

1 Michael Boyle (Bury)
2 Damon Solley (Leeds)

Grandmasters Men

1 Adrian Hampton (Devizes)
2 Danny Sloniowski (Bury)

Ladies Bikini

1 Clare Hulme (Hyde)
2 Lisa Hendry (Horsham)

Masters Ladies Figure

1 Alex Kokkonen (Coventry)
2 Jayne Anderson (Northwich)
3 Tara Holmes (Fleetwood)

Ladies Figure, Open

1 Stacey Barnes (Rotherham)
2 Alex Kokkonen (Coventry)

Novice Men

1 Joe Parish (Stirling)
2 Jack Ellis (Halifax)
3 Heydon Chu (Farnworth)
4 Armani Barkatali (Warrington)

Mens Physique

1 Matthew Worster (Rugby)
2 Stephen Dale (Dundee)
3 James Watkinson (Bingley)
4 Jake Maddox (Worcester)
5 Forhan Ahmed (Manchester)

Also competed: Tristan Alden (Market Harborough), Thomas Wykes (Stamford), Ryan Howells (Bristol).

Ladies Bodybuilding

1 Sabrina Cawley-Brady (Manchester)

Open Men, Lightweight

1 Chris Paling (Loughborough)
2 AJ Morris (Brighton)
3 Marcus Beales (Manchester)
4 Cary Lawton (Westhoughton)
5 Jason Barnett (Bradford)
6 Heydon Chu (Farnworth)

Open Men, Middleweight

1 Ryan Howells (Bristol)
2 Peter Garay (Shrewsbury) ** Also won Best Poser award **
3 Dean Nolan (Buckley)
4 Joe Parish (Stirling)
5 Michael Boyle (Bury)
6 Steven Chidgey (Manchester)

Open Men, Heavyweight

1 Dan Lampard (Wilmslow). ** Overall Winner **
2 Nick Adams (Sheffield)
3 Adrian Hampton (Devizes)
4 Pavel Matejec (Warrington)